Crypto Miner V.1.3.2 – earn Jump (Currently not working!)

The following Software will help you to earn Jump by mining etherum with your PC/Rig. The settings are all made, you only need to put your userID which is written in the Registration Mail into the field in the exe. After pressing start it will automatically start to mine and the earnings will be converted to JUMP and paid daily to the Jumpcoin address set in the profile.

Note: Your AV Software may block the miner, than you will have to create a exception for the miner in the AV Settings for using it

Jumpcoin Miner (263 downloads)

Jumpcoin Blockchain

Here you can find a snapshot of the Jumpcoin Blockchain to speed up the sync process. If you need help there is a detailed Guide in the Knowledge Base

Jumpcoin Blockchain - 29.04.19 (47 downloads)